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Heritage Fair

Utschtallung (Heritage Fair)

HeritageVillage, on the southwest edge of Mtn. Lake, near the intersection of County Road #1 and MN Hwy 60, was established in 1972 to remember and celebrate the Russian-Mennonite and German-Lutheran immigrants that were early settlers in the area.  Visitors stroll through 21 buildings filled with displays depicting pioneer life.  Many of the buildings were built in the 19th century and have been lovingly preserved and restored.

While each structure plays a part in telling the story of our 19th century founders, three stand out as truly one-of-a-kind, must-see buildings.
The Gerhard Dick family home and attached barn was built in the traditional European style over 125 years ago.  Few of these structures remain in Minnesota. Behind the home sits an unattached summer kitchen. Cooking was done here on hot summer days in an attempt to keep the house cool.

Also unique is the granary.  Often the first building constructed on a farm, the granary stored the harvest upstairs while the family lived downstairs.  When enough money had been saved a home was constructed.  The Heritage Village granary exhibit recalls the early dual purpose of this building.

Heritage Village is also home of the Minnesota Hall of Fame Telephone Museum; the only one of its kind in the state.  It offers a rare look at the progress of the telegraph and telephone through the history of local telecommunications.