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Keeping lake water clean

is good for everyone. The

most eco-friendly method

of doing this is through mechanical

harvesting. That

is where the use of a weed

harvester comes in to play.

The Mt. Lake Lake

Commission was awarded

a $15,000 Department of

Natural Resources (DNR)

grant toward the purchase

of a weed harvester in

spring 2012.

Prior to this, the Lake

Commission had been

chemically treating lake

weeds. Chemicals aren’t

always the best answer

because killed weeds create

fertile ground for regrowth.

The weed harvester, a

2001 Inland Lake Model

ILH6-250, and trailer were

purchased for $63,000,

plus freight, from Richard

Knauff, owner of Aquatic

Weed Harvester of River

Falls, Wisc. It belonged to

a homeowners’ group in

Connecticut, but was larger

than what the group needed

for a 22-acre lake.

In spring 2013, the Lake

Commission purchased a

used Mudcat Shore Conveyor

from Inland Lake

Harvester, Inc. of Burlington,

Wisc. Before the purchase

of the conveyor, the

harvested weeds were piled

onshore and later loaded

into trucks using the city’s


The harvester travels

across the water on pontoon

floats powered by motordriven

paddles on each side

of the unit.

With a maximum speed

of five miles per hour, the

previous owner recommended

maintaining a

two- to three-mile-per-hour

speed so as not to tear the

plant off.

A six- to seven-foot cutting

bar at the front slices

the lake weeds, which

travel up into a dump tank.

When the tank is full, the

sliced weeds are emptied

into an old city truck, via

the conveyor, and then

hauled to the burn site.

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