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“Strange is our situation

here upon earth. Each of us

comes for a short visit, not

knowing why, yet sometimes

seeming to a divine purpose.

From the standpoint of daily

life, however, there is one

thing we do know: That we

are here for the sake of others

— for the countless unknown

souls with whose fate we

are connected by a bond of

sympathy. Many times a day,

I realize how much my outer

and inner life is built upon the

labors of people, both living

and dead, and how earnestly

I must exert myself in order

to give in return as much

as I have received.” Albert


Joyce Bucklin of Mt. Lake

was given the opportunity to

follow the thread that connects

Ten Thousand Villages

of Mt. Lake with the people

living in and around Lima,

Peru, in South America.

Every year since the 1980s,

managers of Ten Thousand

Villages stores have had the

opportunity to attend learning

tours where they meet

artisans located in 38 countries

around the world who

hand-make the products sold

in their stores.

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